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The digitalization of business across all industries is happening rapidly, and there is no turning back. Companies are looking for new ways to deliver value to their customers using digital channels and creating personalized, digitally enabled products across all sectors, from consumer products to heavy equipment and machinery.

Transform Industrial Machinery

The mechanical engineering industry is experiencing growth every year across the globe. Service providers in the machinery and components sector must take into account a variety of industry specific standards. In order to comply with safety standards, mechanical components must be able to withstand strain and pressure vessels. Companies must also be able to consistently and efficiently produce quality products that meet the needs of their own customers. SAP provides a flexible manufacturing management systems, can help companies in this industry save on production and supply chain management costs.

Manage your key supply chain effectively

Compete profitably in the new digital reality using a proven framework to adopt industry best practices and attain operational quality across core customer engagement, asset management, and financial processes. Develop digitally enabled stock for heavy equipment, fabricated metal, and other products.relationship management, purchasing, stock control and warehouse management.

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Manage your key production effectively

Meet customer demand and develop new revenue streams with SAP Business One for the industrial manufacturing industry. Shrink supply chain costs, accelerate cycle times, minimize scrap and re-work – and ultimately speed up the time to profit.

  • Detail inventory and BOM master – keep every important information of the goods you sold at a single place, including the item’s image, BOM component, cost breakdown, item specification and attachment
  • Substitute item – Improve the cross-selling for substitute items when the goods is out of stock
  • Production planning – Optimize yield and increase the efficiency of your production process
  • Supplier control – Increase visibility and control of supplier information, from component purchasing to stock management
  • Order information – Improve visibility into sales, orders, pricing, and products in your warehouses and dispatch
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