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What is Human Resource Information System ?

The Human Resource Information system enables the planning, analysis and operation of the human resources management function. It facilitates the formation and development of workforce capacity as well as internal corporate communications management.

Our Human Resource Management application allows the Customer to:

  • Involve, keep and motivate the best personnel;
  • Perform development and training of workforce according to business strategies;
  • Carry out strategic planning of organizational reassignment and set budgets;
  • Make efficient decisions to deadlines, using exact and comprehensive information analyses;
  • Perform optimum accounting functions in the field of human resources management with low expenses.

Is ERP only for large enterprise?

Contrary to what you may have heard, ERP isn’t just for large global enterprises. If your small business or midsize company (SMB) is drowning in spreadsheets, manual processes, and bad information from disparate solutions, it might be time to move to an ERP system. At SAP, we offer different types of ERP systems – small, medium, and large – as well as industry and company-specific functionality. Whether you operate a small business or a Fortune 500 company, we have ERP software to meet your unique business needs.
We provide ERP for SME and enterprise.

Manage your workforce to improve capabilities

  • Automated daily performance record, including total working hours
  • Automated overtime hours calculation
  • Payroll accounting based on lots of bonus wage types mostly formed automatically on the basis of data on absences, job sheets, trip tickets, time sheets, etc.
  • Integration with other SAP ERP and other applications
  • Use of various wage calculation systems: time wages, time-award fee, indirect piece-payment, piece-payment, accord payment
  • Integration with external components and industry specific solutions: accounting for actual hours of train drivers and motor transport drivers

SAP SuccessFactors & Human Capital Management

Optimise human resources and staffing

  • Visualise recruiting and labor costs, and analyse cost to performance outcomes
  • Combine data from multiple sources to see the full picture of your workforce
  • Identify issues before they arise with predictive analysis
  • Communicate staffing progress across your organization with stunning visuals

SAP Analytics Cloud