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SuccessFactors Compensation helps business leaders, compensation managers, and HR professionals dramatically improve budget accuracy, reduce risk, and tie their greatest expense—employee pay— to actual business results. Unlike personal productivity tools such as Excel, or other solutions that simply ‘reinterpret’ Excel spreadsheets, SuccessFactors Compensation streamlines and simplifies compensation planning, provides visibility and insight for total compensation management, and uniquely enables a pay for performance culture.

  • Run Comprehensive, Secure and Accurate Compensation Process
    Support for multiple compensation components including salary, bonus, and equity awards.
  • Ensure Fairness, Engagement and Retention with Calibration
    Align and provide a clear linkage between employee performance and employee compensation.
  • Get Visibility and Insight for Total Compensation Analysis
    Track financial and business goals, and compare target metrics to actual results to determine payouts (using step scale models or linear interpolation).
  • Assurance that Budgets are Used Wisely, are Compliant and Auditable
    Flexible budget modeling with support for cascading and global merit planning.
  • Leverage the Power of a Complete Performance Management Suite and beyond
    As an integrated part of SuccessFactors HCM, compensation forms can be provided in 34 languages.

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