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Welcome to IVC, SAP Gold Partner in Hong Kong

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An authorized SAP Gold Partner, IVC is a well-established business solutions provider with offices and service coverage spanning Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and other Asia Pacific countries. We serve clients across the regions, including those that are at the forefront of their industries and fast-growing SMEs.

IVC is dedicated to helping our clients gain and maintain a competitive edge over the competition in the modern, complex business environment. Our expertise, experience and knowledge of the latest technologies, as well as the best industry-specific solutions are the key reasons our clients continue to choose us as their trusted SAP partner in Hong Kong.

SAP, with its intelligent technologies and leadership in business processes, provides innovative business solutions that fulfills the multi-requirements of meeting the ever-changing demands of the current business world, while also allowing for future growth. Specifically, SAP Hong Kong solutions helps businesses in many ways, including automating routine tasks, create tighter connections with customers and achieve better internal control, so that they accomplish more with less.

As an official SAP partner, and trusted SAP reseller, IVC provides market-leading solutions that emphasize profitability, adaptability, and sustainability for businesses. We are staffed with a team of professional consultants to provide industry-specific solutions, professional implementation and training services. Our professional team of experts will help customers implement SAP applications as their core ERP system platform, with extensions designed for various operational, managerial and critical areas, such as a Human Resource System, Warehouse Management System, Business Intelligence, and also Document Management System.

IVC provides solutions that help businesses of all sizes across a myriad of industries. Our product range and services cover a wide spectrum, including wholesale and distribution, consumer products, retail, food and beverage, manufacturing, industrial machinery and components, trade and logistics, high-tech, engineering construction and operations, public sectors, and professional services.

Continuously looking for new and innovative ways to help our clients, IVC also conducts informative events and training sessions to keep clients abreast with the latest technology and benefits our products have to offer.

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