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SAP Ariba

SAP Concur - Automation and control for travel, expense and invoicing

Business travel and managing expenses are common headaches for businesses around the world. SAP Concur solutions help make your business more efficient by saving both time and cost. When businesses can effectively see all their spending, they can better control their costs.

Manage Your Expenses

Improve the productivity, compliance and control over expenses incurred over the course of your business. SAP Concur Hong Kong solutions enables the automation of expenses, right from receipt to reimbursement, taking paper, procedures and errors out of the equation. Enhanced productivity is achieved because your employees can focus on the important tasks at hand. They can simply take a picture of their receipts and conveniently submit reports on-the-go through their mobile device. Also, integrated company expense policies help ensure compliance, while increased visibility allows for easy tracking, analysis and reporting on all spending.

Automated Invoicing

Get a full control on all items of spending by automating your invoicing process. Enjoy full visibility on all spending items before they are spent, eliminate duplication of invoices and save valuable time through mobile approvals. SAP Concur helps businesses stay connected to all sources of spending, offers pre-set reports and key data into all types of spending, while making the whole process effortless with user-friendly web-based or mobile applications.

Simplify Business Travel

Save your business from the headache of non-compliance and runaway travel expenses. With a solution that is clearly your company’s best travel companion, get a bird’s eye view of all company travel bookings, locate employees, no matter how the trip was booked in the first place. SAP Concur can have your company travel policy built into the solution to enforce compliance, thereby effectively controlling costs to your business in this area. It also offers a convenient way for employees to book and log their travel through their desktop or mobile device.


Size Doesn't Matter

Regardless of how big or small your company is, SAP Concur Hong Kong has the right travel, expense and invoicing solution for you. Set your business on the road to success by talking to our expert team at +852 3728 6333, or let us know how we can help you at

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