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Course Code: IVC/C4C30
Course Name: SAP Cloud Applications Studio
Time: 0930 - 1700
Duration: 4 days
Course Fee: HKD 20,000
Location: Lai Chi Kok


This course will prepare you to:

  • Generate new business objects
  • Create user interfaces for new business objects
  • Build fine-tuning activities related to the new business objects
  • Create extension fields on existing business objects
  • Adapt existing user interface to include extension fields
  • Establish an extension field link between a new business object and an existing business object
  • Integrate data via a web service and XML
  • Trace and debug elements of your custom solution
  • Build a data source for a new business object
  • Create new reports, based on a data source, via Adaptation Tools
  • Establish approval task(s) and enable notification rule(s) based on a new business object
  • Architect and build Add-on solutions for Mobile devices
  • Develop mashups
  • Create Reuse libraries
  • Create Process extension scenarios
  • Publish a new add-on in scoping
  • Manage the lifecycle of your add-on solution


  • Developer
  • Developer Consultant

Course based on software release

  • SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer 1708


  • SAP Cloud Applications Studio: An Overview
    • Describing SAP Cloud Applications Studio
    • Explaining the System Environment
    • Explaining the System Architecture
    • Getting Started with SAP Cloud Applications Studio
  • Introduction to Scripting Languages
    • Introduction to Scripting Language for Business Object Definitions
    • Introduction to Scripting Language for Business Logic Implementations
  • Introduction to UI Designer
    • Explain UI Designer
  • Extensibility
    • Create Extension Fields
  • UI Designer – Embedded Component
    • Create and Enable Embedded Component
  • Business Configuration
    • Explaining Business Configuration Basics and Architecture
    • Configuration, BC View
  • Service Integration
    • Creating Service Integration
    • XML File Input
    • Web Service – Provisioning
    • Web Service – Consumption
  • Tracing and Debugging
    • Tracing and Debugging
  • Analytics
    • Data Source
    • Reports
  • Mobile
    • Mobile Strategy of SAP Cloud for Customer
    • Key User Adaptation on Mobile
    • Partner Contribution Options
  • Notifications
    • Notification Rules
  • Approval Process
    • Approval Process
  • Translation
    • Translate Business Object
  • Mashups
    • Mashups
  • Lifecycle Management
    • Lifecycle Management
  • Wrap Up
    • Wrap Up